Position Title Employer Readers
Design + Technical Services Manager Wollongong C... 523
Chief Financial Officer Oberon Council 384
Ranger - Compliance City of Ryde 374
Manager Strategy And Performance Blue Mountai... 327
Coordinator Facilities Clarence Val... 324
Deputy Chief Financial Officer Camden Council 322
Aboriginal Community Development... Blue Mountai... 294
Manager Environment & Regulatory... Clarence Val... 293
Lead – Land Management Shoalhaven C... 284
Dedicated Street Sweeper Operato... Hornsby Shir... 281
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Targeted Recruitment Advertising: Send your Ad directly to the most relevant JobSeekers.

CouncilJobs offers you access to the largest Talent Pool of Council-ready Jobseekers.

How it works;

  • Lodge your ad in 2 minutes or less via API
  • Instant matching of your job Ad to Subscribers who exactly match your needs, using CouncilJobs 200+ Job categories
  • Flash Job Alerts immediately to all matching Jobseekers
  • Daily Job Alert Summaries to a wider group of relevant JobSeekers
  • CouncilJobs Weekly listing all open jobs sent to every Council  and Jobseeker every Tuesday morning
  • Flexible pricing designed to save time and  money through JobPacks, where the credits never expire.
  • Ad Stats: Real time monitoring of your Ads performance for reach, readership & response.

Advertising is only open to Councils, and their authorised recruiters/agencies.